I have recently had two clients have Sars steal money from their Business accounts for PAYE, even though they do not owe the money, if I run a EMPSA for the client it shows no money is owed. I have logged a case to arrange a refund but this could take months as Sars is quick to take the money but not refund.

Sars has recently announced under Commissioned Edward Kieswetter that they have collected R38bn more than previous tax year due to collection efforts. This initially did not make sense as we had Covid pandemic last year and most businesses could not operate which would have led to a decrease in Sars collecting money/Revenue.

It is therefore clear that the only reason for the increase in collection is due to the draconic collection measures of Kiesetter.

Why Sar’s replaced Acting Commissioner Mark Kingon with Kieswetter is now the usual with whomever works within the ANC government. Mark Kingon was doing a exemplary job( a fine upstanding individual) and that’s why he was replaced with a unscrupulous monkey who lines the pockets of the ANC.